Dura Turf® Sod

Dura Turf® is our new up and coming sod, it is the cool season grass that holds up to the greatest amount of wear.  It has the ability to endure high traffic.  Dura Turf®

is drought tolerant, and tolerates shade, salt, cold and heat, and has a superb wear tolerance!  Dura Turf® is also endophite enhanced for grub control, and has rhizomes for filling in bare spots.  It is dark, dark green in color, and features high disease resistance, and is the best sod for handling dog urine.  With Dura Turf® you will enjoy fast establishment, uniform texture, drought avoidance and tolerance, and good spring green up.  We guarantee our Dura Turf® to be weed free.  This sod is highly recommended for backyards, ball fields, playgrounds, and parks.

Enjoy a rich green color with Dura Turf. Pocatello Sod a Division of Green Works Inc.

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